Laundering Tips

The rugs.

The rug will serve you longer if you use a non-skid floor pad with it.

Upon receiving the rug it may hold some of the folds from being shipped, these will disappear with a little use.

A rag rug is fully reversible doubling the usage time between washings.

The rug can be machine washed, a gentle warm cycle is recommended. Throw in a couple of pairs of jeans or towels to help balance the load

For the wool rugs, if you have a hand wash or wool cycle on your machine that would be best.

After washing lay the rug flat and smooth it with your hands, a few gentle tugs on the corners may be necessary. It will dry within a day or two.

I lay mine out on a floor that won’t be damaged by having something wet on it. I even walk back and forth across them as they dry, it helps flatten back out.

It is not recommended that the rugs be machine dried.


The Towels.

Machine wash and dry. Iron if you like.


The Wool Scarves.

Hand wash. Lay flat or hang to dry

If you want to iron it, use a cotton pressing cloth between the scarf and the iron.


The Lace Shawls.

Hand wash. Pinout flat to dry.